Metro Trains

Metro is a term coined from the metropolitan area which is generally used for rapid transit systems or metro trains. Travel by Metro is the most popular way to travel all around the city. It is a fastest mode of transport that saves a lot of time of general public which goes in travelling through other modes.

Rapid Transit or Mass Rapid Transit (MRT)

MRT or Rapid Transit is public transport through trains and generally also called as subways, heavy rail, metro, tube, underground etc. in different countries. The system supports large number of people travelling for short distances with very high frequency.
How Metro System Works
The MRT system uses EMU(electric multiple units) with generally ranging from Three to Ten cars, which uses electricity to propel itself and some systems use monorail, magnetic levitation systems and rubber-tired systems. The stations are generally elevated or use tunnels and are integrated with other public transport systems for better connectivity.
Some Facts
According to Wikipedia, there are around 180 metro systems in 56 countries around the world.
  • London Underground is the oldest metro system in the world stated in the year 1890.
  • Beijing Metro System is the busiest and has longest route length.
  • New-York Metro System has the highest number of stations i.e. 472.
  • China has the largest number of cities having metro systems.