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Everything you need to know

When it comes to visiting one of the most prominent nations in Europe, what comes to your mind first? Yes, you’ve guessed it right, Germany! There are many exciting things which Germany has to offer to its visitors. Whether it’s the jelly doughnut, Frankfurt book fair, or stunning castles, Germany is the home to all these things. However, your trip to Germany is incomplete if you don’t visit Berlin. Berlin constitutes a large part of the total population of Germany. Interestingly, it is also one of the most exciting cities to visit in Germany as well. 

When it comes to Berlin, it’s one of the most fun yet creative cities in Germany. With limitless excitement, the hustle-bustle, and friendly people all about, visiting Berlin is a treat in itself. As a city, Berlin is also considered one of the most incredible cities in the country. Besides, this city has already become the home to 80,000 ex-pats from every length and breadth of the world. Ironically, you will have historical dwellings standing proudly beside the modern-day building. 

What else?

Berlin is also the home to around 170 museums where you will see all artifacts from worldwide. So, we can also say that Berlin is the city of artists, art, and museums. 

Berlin’s overall climate

Just wander about the city for a while, and you will feel rejuvenated. Do you know why? The reason being that Berlin is full of greenery all around. Hence, the city remains cool throughout the year. The clement evenings with a burst of bright sunshine is perfect for chilling out. Most Berlin prefers to enjoy this balmy weather during summers in the cafés, beach bars, open-air theaters, and cinemas. 

Get around in Berlin conveniently.

Traveling about the whole of Berlin is fun and convenient at the same time. There is every means of urban transportation available in Germany’s capital. There you will find e-scooters, trams, trains, underground subways, so on and so forth. That is why Berlin is also known as one of the feasibly connected cities in the world. Mainly, when it comes to trams and buses, it can take you even to the remotest parts of Berlin. Besides, there are S-Bahn and U-Bahn also if you wish to travel to the outskirts of Berlin and want to cover greater distances. The purpose that each of these traveling modes serves are:


One can hail, pick up at ranks or order a taxi by phone in Berlin.


There are many bike rental stations and lanes in Berlin. These are allowed in S-Bahn and U-Bahn carriages that are specially marked.


Metro trams, also known as M1 and M2, run on a round-the-clock basis only in the districts of Berlin’s east. 


Let us describe A cheaper and slower yet valuable means of transportation for sightseeing in Berlin. You will get buses here quite often between 4.30 am till 12.30 am. During the interim, you will get half-hourly night buses out here. Metro buses also run here on a 24/7 basis. These buses are also known as M1 and M19 in alternative terms. 


S-Bahn trains are the most useful for covering longer distances but for a smaller number of stops. These trains operate from 4.00 am till 12.30 am. Besides, they run at night on public holidays, Saturdays and Fridays. Hourly night buses also operate in between. 


Like S-Bahn, U-Bahn is undoubtedly the smartest of traveling about Berlin. These vehicles help to cover shorter distances within the exact timing as S-Bahn.

What’s more?

Similarly, car-sharing services are a great way to get around the whole of Berlin conveniently. These services are the most sought-after among the locals of the city. Simply book your through the available app and pay rent for the distance covered. That apart, electric or e-scooters are amazing options for covering short distances or simply to get around the city.

Means to turn up at Berlin

You can arrive in Berlin by following various kinds of itineraries. These include the following:


A12 mainly connects the capital of Germany from the East, A9 from the South, A11 from the North, and A2 from the West. Each of these roads consists of outlets at the Berliner Ring (A10). Hence, you can drive to Berlin conveniently from London, Paris, Vienna, Budapest, Prague, Copenhagen, and Warsaw. The total travel will take fifteen hours at the most. 


Flight is the most means to travel to Berlin. United Fly and Air Berlin let you fly to Berlin directly from the United States. Besides, you need to change flights if you’re traveling from anywhere outside Europe. Prominent European airlines, including Lufthansa, depart direct flights to Berlin from the rest of Europe.


Hauptbahnhof in Berlin receives the direct trains of the Inter Regio and Euro City from all the prominent cities in Europe. These intercity trains connect Berlin with Cologne, Munich, Stuttgart, Hamburg, and Frankfurt, etc. 


Travel to Berlin by bus conveniently with air-conditioned coaches accompanied by a free Wi-Fi facility. The significant operators include Mein Fernbus, Postbus, and Berlin Linien Bus depart buses from all popular cities of Europe. 

Hotels and Food in Berlin

A week or two’s trip to Berlin is perfect for covering the whole of Berlin. While staying in Berlin, you can expect to spend €110 ($130) every day. Seven to fourteen days of Berlin would require you to spend €1540 ($1820) in total. The approximate cost for a couple to stay in a hotel in Berlin is $121 (€102). Hence, two persons traveling to Berlin for 7-14 days need to spend €1,536 to €3072 on average. If there are multiple people, the total cost might dwindle a bit. 

What’s lies ahead?

The reason being that you can share a room. A single staying in a hotel needs to spend €51 on average. Two persons staying in the same hotel room will have to pay €102 for sharing a double-occupancy accommodation. Plus, tickets for kids cost way less than grownup family members.

Things to eat in Berlin

There are many lip-smacking food items to try out in Berlin. Here is a checklist of a few of those delicacies. 

  • Kartoffelpuffer 
  • Kaesespaetzle
  • Berliner Pfannkuchen
  • Turkish Teller
  • Burger Meister
  • Ketwurst
  • Bockwurst and 
  • Döner kebab to name just a few 

There are many eateries and restaurants out there across the entire Berlin. You can sure nosh any of these mouth-watering dishes in Berlin, either solo or with your family. 

Shop for these items in Berlin

There are many pieces of stuff to buy when you are in Berlin. The most popular items are Frau Toni’s Perfumes, Berlin Belts, Berlin Buddy Bear, Askania Watches and Ein Berliner, etc. 

Places to visit in Berlin

Some of the most prominent places you must visit in Berlin without a failure include:

  • Alexander Platz
  • Treptower Park
  • Charlottenburg Palace Gardens 
  • Brandenburg Gate 
  • Museum Island 
  • Jewish Museum 
  • Memorial To The Murdered Jews of Europe
  • Berlin Cathedral and 
  • Academy of Arts

So, this was a comprehensive guide to plan a customized trip to Berlin. So, Hurry! This year, pay a visit to the world’s most mesmerizing metropolis like Berlin. Rest assured that you will bring back home some of the fondest memories ever.

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