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A comprehensive guide about Boston, USA

Are you planning a getaway trip to Boston, USA? Then, be assured that you're visiting one of the most acceptable cities in America and around the world. Boston is most famous for its delicious seafood, baked beans, The Boston Marathon, and the Fenway Park, to be precise. The bar from cheers again is the cherry on the top when it comes to a mesmerizing city like Boston. After you arrive in this city, there are many compelling spots that one can visit.  

What else?

The most captivating point of attraction includes a walking path that connects sixteen prominent sites from the American Revolution. These sites mainly include the Old South Meeting House and the Paul Revere House. The former site is more famous because the Boston Tea Party was planned there. Boston is also the home to the Freedom Trail and some of the notable art museums. The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Boston and The Museum of Fine Arts Boston are a few of the most popular amongst them. Besides, you can visit the following places in Boston if you wish. 

  • The John. F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum 
  • The New England Aquarium

Pay a visit to the Red Sox Game at the historically significant Fenway Park. Visiting this place can be even more fun if you've come to Boston during the baseball season.

Aside from these places, you must also take a short trip to the venerable stadium unfailingly during your Boston tour. All in all, Boston is a fantastic place to visit either solo or with your friends or family. 

Climate in Boston

To say in the possible fewest words, the climate in Boston is typically quite continental, and This means that warm to sweltering summers prevail in this city. Conversely, the winters here are frigid and snowy at the same time. Again, frequent spells of thunderstorms also occur in the town during the summer days. Boston is located in the coastal region. However, an icy current directly flows into its altitude from the Gulf of Mexico in the Atlantic Ocean. As a result, a fluctuating climate gets created. In short, it's a combination of gloomy weather and balmy weather alternating with each other. 

Ways of traveling around in Boston

Getting around in Boston on various means of public transportation is the best option. It saves your time, money, and energy at the same. That said, here are some of the finest and the most affordable ways to travel about in Boston conveniently. 

  • Car: Travel around Boston by renting a car from the airport. Make sure that you park your car at the hotel you're staying. The moment you feel like getting around, start driving your car and explore the city as you wish. 
  • Taxi: You will quickly get a taxi outside the Boston airport, popular attractions, noteworthy hotels, etc. The fares are also quite reasonable, starting from $2.60 for the 1/7 mile. You need to pay an additional charge of $0.40 for every extra 1/7 mile as well.
  • Water Taxi: Water taxis are made explicitly for visiting the hot spots of Boston's waterfront. The Shipyard Park and Long Wharf are some of them. These water taxis run between 8 to 10 pm and 6.30 am to 7 am regularly. One-way tickets cost as low as $12 for each person.  
  • Bus: The local buses in Boston are the cheapest ways to travel about the downtown part of Boston conveniently. The most prominent buses amongst them are bus no. 354, 352, 57,47, 39, 15 and 4 etc. These buses usually operate across the whole city between 4.30 am, and 1 am. 
  • ''T'': 'T' is Boston's most popular public transportation means. Ferries, water taxis, commuter trains, and the bus is the most popular amongst them. Alternatively, call the subway; this means of transport include certain vehicles under the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA). 

How to reach Boston through different

International tourists can come to Boston from the General Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport. After that, you can choose a subway or bus to enter the city. Some of the common ways to arrive at Boston through different means of transportation are: 

  • Bus: Get buses from several companies ready to commute to the different cities all about Boston.
  • Train: The Amtrak rail services allow you to explore the nearby cities from Boston.
  • Road: Buses are rails are much cheaper options to travel about Boston affordably. Besides, you can hire taxis too for getaway trips from Boston. 
  • Waterways: The Black Falcon Cruise Terminal is considered the port in Boston specifically for cruise ships. So, first of all, you need to reach Cambridge by taxis or water shuttles which is simply a river away from Boston.

Apart from these ways to reach Boston, you can cover the shorter distances of this city on foot as well. Do you know why? This is because Boston is also called a walk-friendly city in other terms. 

Best things to eat in Boston

Many dishes can fill your stomach and heart alike in Boston. Some of the delicacies worth trying out in Boston can be considered below. 

  • Frappes
  • Clam Chowder 
  • Cannoli 
  • Boston Cream Pie
  • Lobster Roll
  • Lobster mac 'n cheese
  • Roast Beef Sandwich 
  • Yankee Pot Roast 
  • Traditional Clambake and 
  • Boston Baked Beans 

There are many eateries and restaurants in Boston to try out these dishes until your tummy is satisfied. 

Hotels in Boston

Gorge onto the aforementioned mouth-watering dishes in Boston in any of these restaurants in the city.

  • Saltie Girl
  • MIDA
  • 50Kitchen
  • Nautilus Pier 4
  • Urban Hearth
  • Barra
  • o ya
  • Spoke Wine Bar 
  • Table
  • Uni
  • Sarma

So, once you are in Boston, turn up at any of these restaurants and indulge in that culinary extravaganza unapologetically. 

Visit these places in Boston.

Boston is home to several tourist attractions. Below are the top ten places which you must visit imperatively after coming to Boston. 

  • Museum of Science 
  • Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum 
  • Boston Public Library 
  • Samuel Adams Brewery 
  • John F. Kennedy Presidential Museum and Library
  • Boston Public Garden 
  • North End
  • Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum
  • Museum of Fine Arts
  • Freedom Trail and 
  • Fenway Park

The moment you visit these spots, rest assured that you'll fall in love with them. Besides, the historical prominence that each of these places is enriched with is worth acknowledging. 

Cost of 7/14 days trip to Boston

The cost of living in Boston for a seven-fourteen days trip would cost you around $1421 to $2842. This is because while living in Boston, you can expect to spend about $203 during your vacation in Boston. The average hotel cost in Boston is again considered to be around $265. Besides, you need to spend $40 on food for a single day and $28 on local transportation. Hence, a one-two weeks Boston trip would cost two persons $2839 or $5678, respectively. 

Top five things to buy in Boston

You can shop for many things in Boston and take them back for your friends and family. The most prominent products are:

  • Gurgling Cod 
  • Boston Baked Beans
  • MBTA Tokens
  • Red Sox Jersey or Hat 
  • Boston Celtics Jersey
  • Maple Sugar and 
  • Boston Bruins Jersey 

Hopefully, today's guide will also allow you to take an impeccable trip to Boston, USA.


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